Migration and Sustainable Development in The Gambia

The pilot phase of MSDG was implemented from August 2017 to December 2018, during which a Gambian Diaspora Strategy (GDS) was developed and incorporated in the Gambia National Development Plan (NDP 2018-21).

 The overall goal of the MSDG project is: “to enhance the role of the Gambian diaspora in national development, as the Eighth Region of the country”. The specific goals are: “to create a fully operational service delivery Gambia Diaspora Directorate (GDD), and to expand and enhance diaspora participation in Gambian development policy and practice”.

 Through a diaspora-led Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP), MSDG seeks to achieve the following main results:

 Capacity Development: Enhanced capacity on diaspora and sustainable development for government officials and Non-State Actors through Continuing Professional Development.

 Policy Processes: Increased policy engagement in Migration, Diaspora and Development processes, through diaspora, bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

 Strategy Implementation: Coordinated implementation of the Gambia Diaspora Strategy (GDS) through a newly structured service delivery Gambia Diaspora Directorate (GDD).

 Engagement and Participation: Enhanced diaspora participation in development through facilitated engagement in networks, forums, national consultations, municipal proceedings and electoral processes.

Cost of Remittances: Increased net funds received by individuals and households through reduction of the transaction cost of remittances sent to Gambia.

Investment and Job Creation: Enhanced job creation through optimised diaspora investment in structured incentive schemes and programmes.

The programme is designed and implemented by GK Partners (GKP), in partnership with the Government of The Gambia, and co-financed by GKP and the Swiss Government.

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