Mukuru is a leading next-generation fintech platform in Africa that provides convenient, safe, inclusive, and reliable financial services to our over 10 million customers across Africa, Asia and Europe.

We’re dedicated to solving problems for Africa’s emerging consumers by understanding their challenges and needs from their point of view.

We understand that we serve a community of hard-working individuals, often overlooked by traditional financial providers, who have sacrificed much in their search for opportunities.

Mukuru provides digitised products, communications and solutions to enable financial inclusion for previously underserved and underbanked populations, with the purpose of unleashing possibilities for Africans across the world.

We are a people-led business, underpinned by an inclusive, fun culture, with highly engaged individuals who perform, take ownership, make an impact and grow. Everyone on our team is committed to simplifying and speeding up financial services for our customers, so they can take control of their financial lives.

We speak the languages of our users and work hard, starting at a grassroots level, to understand the unique pain points our customers face in each market.

Our emphasis on communicating with our customers continues to result in a growing number of engagement platforms such as WhatsApp, USSD, the Mukuru App and website, our contact centre, in-country branches and roaming agents.

Besides international remittances, in some regions, we also offer customers a Mukuru Money Card and Wallet, Savings and Loans, Mukuru Funeral Cover, Mukuru Groceries and Bulk Enterprise and Aid payments enabled through our Enterprise Payment Platform.

Now operating in over 50 countries, our goal is to continue to enable financial inclusion for emerging African consumers through digitisation that meets people where they are, whether in developed Urban locations or rural territories across Africa and the world.



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