The Gambia country diagnostic

Type of documentReport

The Gambia country diagnostic was commissioned by IFAD to DMA Global (DMAG) in the implementation of the PRIME Africa initiative, co-financed by the European Union, and presented at the first National Remittance Stakeholder Network in The Gambia in 2021.

The Gambia country diagnostic provides an in-depth analysis and additional evidence for the areas of action identified in the country road map.

The diagnostic is a “working document” that will be updated and amended as additional information is collected and assessed. The report currently provides an assessment of the remittance market in The Gambia, with insights into two specific send markets (corridors) to the country, including demand-side research.

Based on the findings from this diagnostic, recommendations are made and inserted into a road map that will propose a prioritized approach to what should be done to meet PRIME Africa goals.

Publication dateSep 2022
Number of pages60
Focus RegionAfrica
TopicMarket insights
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