Kenya CoP survey results

Type of documentBrochure

The Kenyan NRSN Community of Practice (CoP) conducted a survey to better identify the needs and preferences of key Kenyan stakeholders.  The results of this survey are presented in this brochure.

A few key highlights of the survey were:

  • Remittance-linked financial services is the most sought-after topic for conducting business.
  • Drivers for cost reduction is the second main area of interest.
  • Respondents suggested that the CoP should facilitate interaction/communication with other stakeholders to support the community in engaging more effectively.
  • Up-to-date and useful information and knowledge resources are the most relevant features the CoP should have.
  • LinkedIn is the preferred platform to deepen knowledge of the Kenyan remittance market.
Publication dateNov 2022
Focus RegionAfrica
TopicMarket insights, Remittance families and development
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