South Africa CoP survey results

Type of documentGuidelines & Learning resource

The South Africa Community of Practice (CoP) aims to further interactions and to better identify the needs and preferences of key South African stakeholders involved in the country’s remittance ecosystem. The stakeholders have contributed to the present survey, the results of which are found in this brochure.

A few key highlights of the survey were:

  • Remittance-linked financial services is the most sought-after topic for conducting business.
  • Respondents suggested that the CoP should convene the industry to share learnings with other stakeholders to support the community in engaging m0re effectively.
  • The added value in joining the CoP is to gain quicker access to expertise and the ability to ask questions to experts and peers, and to gain access to information and knowledge in different formats (e.g. short videos, factsheets).
  • Up-to-date and useful information and knowledge resources are the most relevant features the CoP should have.
Focus RegionAfrica
TopicRemittance families and development
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