The Gambia: NRSN CoP survey results

Type of documentBrochure

To build a dedicated NRSN Community of Practice (CoP) aimed at promoting discussions and further interactions, and to better identify needs and preferences, key Gambian stakeholders contributed to the present survey.

The main highlights include:

a) Remittance-linked financial services is the most sought-after topic for conducting business.
b) Respondents suggested that the CoP should facilitate interaction/communication with other stakeholders to support the community in engaging more effectively.
c) The added value in joining the CoP is to gain access to short trainings from practitioners/ experts on topics of common interest to industry players ) Up-to-date and useful information and knowledge resources are the most relevant features the CoP should have.
d) Among social media, Facebook is the preferred platform to deepen the knowledge of the Gambian
remittance market followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.
e) The majority of respondents would be willing to contribute to the CoP by sharing data.


Publication dateSep 2022
Focus RegionAfrica
TopicRemittance families and development
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