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GFRID Summit 2021


The IDFR Awards

In observance of the United Nations’ International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) on 16 June, and as part of the #familyremittances2030 campaign, the IDFR Awards will be presented to entities, groups, companies and organizations that have best embodied the values of family remittances and served their interests and needs over the years. In response to the United Nations Member States’ call for global efforts in support of the IDFR objectives, awardees will be invited to become honorary representatives of the IDFR through IFAD’s #familyremittances2030 campaign.

Awardees will be selected for their activities, services or advocacy efforts conducted in representation of the values of the Day.

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The RemTECH Awards

The Remittances Innovation Awards (RemTECH Awards) will showcase the most innovative and outstanding ideas, services and products, designed to improve remittance services worldwide. 

The awardees will be companies, groups, or individuals responsible for implementing ground-breaking solutions that benefit the market ecosystem, improve transparency, speed, cost and reliability for companies, remittance senders and receivers. 

The RemTECH Awards are organized by Logo IMTC

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