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RCTF: Must-read articles and events 1 April 2021

With more than 128 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, the health and economic crisis continues to be unpredictable and may vary from country to country. The Remittance Community Task Force (RCTF), set up to address challenges faced by migrants and families during the crisis, continues to monitor the vast online coverage to help you understand the effects of the pandemic on remittance families and markets.
This edition of the Must-read highlights several interesting initiatives and insights on family remittances and markets around the globe. Among them, the G20 Italian presidency confirming remittances as a priority in the framework of this year’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the 2020 IAMTN annual report on the state of the industry, and several blogs, articles, partner organizations’ newsletter and reports, podcasts and videos, which continue to show different trends in terms of remittance flows and propose various responses.
We also invite you to attend the second session of the eGFRID Dialogues to implementation, focused on the African remittance market, which will take place virtually, on Thursday, 8 April.