Global Forum on
Remittances, Investment
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United Nations – Nairobi, Kenya

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The Summit is the culmination of a participatory process which sees the involvement of leaders from the public and private sectors, and the civil society. The following are several ways to engage in building the agenda towards the Summit, and submit your proposals to contribute to the discussions. Looking forward to your input and engagement, on the road to Nairobi.


The Remittance Marketplace 2023 will run in parallel to the Forum, offering an opportunity to present initiatives and promoting partnerships. The Marketplace is open to all companies and organizations and is aimed at showcasing the diverse and innovative approaches and models related to remittances and/or diaspora investment mechanisms. Over 30 companies and organizations are expected to participate.

For further information, or should you wish to obtain a space, please write to [email protected].

eGFRID leading to Nairobi

Leading to the summit, a series of virtual meetings – the eGFRIDs – will take place. Each one will focus on a specific aspect of the global remittance landscape, particularly on senders and recipients, service providers, environment and digitalization. The discussions will further shape the panels and sessions in Nairobi.

1 December 2022

Co-organized by IFAD and the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA)

This webinar raised awareness on the importance of remittances and diaspora finance and their potential in contributing to Africa’s development agenda, and explored avenues to leverage remittances to deepen financial inclusion and resilience in Africa.

2 December 2022

Co-organized by IFAD and the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU)

This webinar presented opportunities to promote greater digital and financial inclusion for migrants and their families back home through African postal operators. The webinar hosted renowned experts and practitioners from the field – from both public and private sectors – to share their insights, experiences and lessons learned.

23-24 March 2023

The symposium celebrates renewed connectedness
and builds connections among Africans, diasporans,
and friends of Africa.


Digitalization, cost reduction and tailored financial inclusion for migrants and their families Organized by IFAD’s FFR.

Organized by IFAD’s FFR.

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Many suggestions received are now part of the programme. Further topics and priorities you might have will be addressed in the panel discussions.

Be a summit

Many of you have shared interesting profiles to be a Summit speaker. The GFRID Team is considering each one and will reply in due course. Thank you for your contribution.

Call for

There is still time to submit relevant publications on specific thematic areas the Summit will focus on. They will be included in the GFRID Summit page as background documentation in preparation to the event. Fill out this form to submit relevant publications.

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