PRIME Central Asia

The Platform for Remittances, Investments and Migrants’ Entrepreneurship in Central Asia (PRIME) Central Asia programme, co-financed by the European Union aims to maximize the developmental impact of remittances by increasing access to remittances through digital methods, promoting digital and financial inclusion, and enhancing migrant returnees’ access to income-generating activities, particularly in rural areas.

By helping maximize the impact of remittances for rural families and returnees, PRIME Central Asia is contributing to fostering local economic opportunities in the migrant workers’ countries of origin.

Programme at a Glance


EUR 6 million


over 2024-2027


Migrants, their families receiving remittances in Central Asia, returnees, and their communities of origin.


Enhance the enabling environment for affordable digital remittance markets;

Increase access to formal remittances and expand digital financial inclusion;

Promote sustainable financial and economic integration of remittance families and reintegration of returnees.


Public sector: Central banks and relevant ministries;

Private Sector: Commercial banks, Remittance Service Providers (MTOs, MNOs, Fintech, Aggregators, etc.);

Civil society: Diaspora organizations, think tanks specialised in financial inclusion, and others.


Central Asia, with particular focus on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan



Kyrgyz Republic


Latest Highlights


Jan 13, 2024, Kyrgyzstan
Inflow Of Remittances From Migrants To Kyrgyzstan Grows By $19,6 Million

Jan 22, 2024, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, Italy join forces to insure financial transactions

Jan 6, 2021, Tajikistan
A Critical Lesson for Tajikistan: The State of Migrant Workers in 2020
The Diplomat

Dec 22, 2023, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan-bound receive remittances to reach US$16.1bn in 2023 – World Bank
Tashkent Times




The kickoff meetings will unveil IFAD’s ongoing strategy within the target countries, introduce the new PRIME Central Asia programme, deep dive into the dynamics of the national remittances market and foster partnerships for successful implementation.