AFRICA 2020-2030 GFRID Summit 2021 GFRID Summit 2021 INFO 16-18 June 2021
United Nations, Nairobi, Kenya
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Welcome to the seventh Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID), organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Bank Group and the African Union, taking place at the United Nations in Nairobi on 16-18 June 2021.

Under the auspices of the Central Bank of Kenya, this year’s GFRID Africa – 2020-2030 will mark the first of a series of biannual Forums in the region aimed at effectively maximizing the impact of remittances and diaspora investment in Africa by 2030. Read more

In light of the ongoing global health crisis, and the uncertainties for the short-medium term, we have decided to host the Forum around the International Day of Family Remittances on 16-18 June 2021 instead of October 2020. The venue remains unchanged.

GFRID – AFRICA 2020-2030
The road to GFRID – AFRICA 2020-2030
Present the topic and share best practices and lessons learned among all participants.
Deep dive sessions
Provide opportunities for interactive participation and exchange with experts on critical issues.
In the spotlight
Interview renowned public and private sector players, philanthropists and civil society leaders.
Renowned experts engage the audience in reflecting on contemporary issues relating to Forum topics.
Pitch stand
In some sessions, selected participants are given one minute to react/contribute to the panel.
Facilitate exchange of information, expertise and experience among participants, through dedicated spaces within the venue, and as part of the Forum programme.
The Forum formats

In 2018, out of the US$529 billion sent by migrants, remittances to and within Africa were estimated at over US$85 billion. This estimate is considered to be a substantial undercount of actual flows.

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