Uganda CoP survey results

Type of documentBrochure

This brochure presents the results of the survey carried out to set up a Community of Practice for the Ugandan stakeholders involved in the national remittance ecosystem.

Main highlights of the survey are as follows:

a) Costs, digital channels, data, and market insights are the most sought-after topic for conducting business.
b) The added value in joining the CoP is to get key information on funding resources for project proposals followed by gaining quicker access to expertise and the ability to ask questions to experts and peers.
c) Up-to-date and useful information and knowledge resources are the most relevant features
the CoP should have.
d) LinkedIn is the preferred platform to deepen knowledge of the Ugandan remittance market.

Number of pages4
Focus RegionAfrica
TopicMarket insights, Remittance families and development
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